John Galt Coffee

Great coffee. Open late.


These drinks are all different proportions of espresso and milk. We serve a traditional, dark espresso blend from Allegro, or a more modern, brighter espresso from Novo.

espresso | 2 oz

macchiato | 3 oz 

cortado | 4 oz

cappuccino | 6 oz 

café latte | 8-20oz


Brewed Coffee

Our baristas offer a variety of brew methods, using a selection of blends and single-origins from our roasting partners.

french press | 4/6 cup
This is also how we make our house coffee

pour-over | 12 oz
Hario V60

aeropress | 2 oz

syphon | 14oz/20oz

cold brew


Not Coffee

chai latte from Third Street Chai.

tea selections from Two Leaves and a Bud

hot chocolate


A variety of granola bars and pastries are also available.


flavored syrups,
Milk substitutes available